India - An Asset Class in itself

The memories of June 1991, when the foreign exchange reserves fell to a level equal to barely a few week’s imports, are way behind us. India’s purchase of 200 tonnes of Gold from the IMF in November 09 was a watershed event in the context of history. India has indeed come a long way from 1991 when it had to airlift 67 tonnes of gold to pledge it to BoE to tide over the Balance of Payments crisis. This proved to be a blessing in disguise, because it provided the right backdrop to usher in the new bold economic reforms in 1991.

The far-reaching structural economic reforms of deregulation and liberalization undertaken by the government since then have unlocked the enormous growth potential of the Indian economy. A more flexible exchange rate, stronger fixed income, commodities and equity markets, and lower trade barriers accompanied with rationalisation of import tariffs have injected a strong resilience into the Indian economy, leading to higher savings and income. With a GDP of more than $1 trillion, India has become the 10th largest economy in the world and the 3rd largest economy in Asia today. It is heartening to note that the Indian GDP has grown at 7% p.a. over the past decade and has firmly withstood the temporary setback of the recent global economic crisis.

Favourable demographics, rising consumer power, huge domestic market with relatively low dependence on exports and a strong push for infrastructure development make India a compelling investment story. The rise of a young and vibrant India with an improving purchasing power in the hands of a growing middle class is turning out to be an exciting consumer landscape.  As a consequence, India has emerged amongst the most preferred investment destinations in the world, with both outbound and inbound FDI rising at a rapid pace over the last 5 years. Further, a dormant and vigorous Indian entrepreneurial gene has been resurrected with corporate India rising up to the new challenge. This has found echo in Indian capital markets with establishment of an effective market regulator, increasing degree of sophistication and improvement in levels of transparency and corporate governance. India has truly emerged as a new separate “asset class” in itself.

India Max Growth Fund

India Max Growth Fund was established in October 2006 to take advantage of the attractive long term investment opportunity which India offers, as it stays on course to become a major economic power going forward. India Max Growth Fund is an excellent investment opportunity and gives investors a vehicle to participate in this exciting journey ahead.

Silverstreak Asset Management Company Limited

Silverstreak Asset Management Company Limited, Mauritius (Silverstreak), is an alternative investment management firm engaged in managing India Max Growth Fund. Silverstreak also has a subsidiary company based out of Singapore, Silverstreak Asset Management Company Singapore Pte Limited, which is responsible for execution of investment decisions, besides providing marketing and client servicing support.

Silverstreak is committed to generate medium to long-term capital appreciation by actively investing in Indian equities and is structured to capitalize on attractive growth and value plays in Mid-Cap & Small Cap space while simultaneously diversifying to scan for attractive low risk opportunities in arbitrage & special situations and listing gains in IPOs & PIPE offerings.

Silverstreak follows a well disciplined investment process with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative aspects. It employs a rigorous due diligence and risk management process with strong in-built portfolio monitoring and surveillance mechanisms in place.

Silverstreak is assisted by an independent research advisory firm. The firm has significant expertise in researching and studying mid-market corporate segment in India.